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Fujikin Incorporated is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of valves, fittings and high precision flow control systems. Fujikin Incorporated, founded in 1930, is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of ultra high purity valves and fittings, fluid and gas control equipment and specialized control units. The company has built a line-up of products for a wide variety of applications from products for the semiconductor industry to aerospace rockets to hydrogen fuel cell industry. Based on our motto of security, safety, reassurance, labour and hygiene, Fujikin is committed to front-line development and service in Japan and overseas from a global perspective.

Fujikin Singapore Office

Fujikin Singapore Pte Ltd was established in 2010. The Singapore sales office is responsible for all marketing and sales related activities of the Fujikin Group here in Southeast Asia. As the central hub for the Southeast Asian region, we aim to provide prompt and efficient support to our regional clients

Carten Controls Ltd (CCL), an Irish precision valve company, was acquired in 1990. Located in Waterford, Ireland, Carten manufactures ultra high purity valves with sizes up to 12 inches for global markets. Carten’s core product line-up includes ball, bellows, diaphragm, check valves and more for the global semiconductor industry, general industry and bio-pharma industry. Carten also manufactures gas-pressure regulators, dual-containment valves, vacuum generators, ceramic and control valves in their state-of-the-art facility in Ireland.

TK-Fujikin Corporation (TKF), a South Korean valves and fittings manufacturer was acquired in 2009 to further compliment Fujikin Incorporated’s line of products. TK-Fujikin manufacturers, integrates and provides solutions to the semiconductor and flat panel display industry in Korea as well as globally. TK-Fujikin offers a complete line up of ultra high purity and general industry products such as valves, fittings, regulators and more.

Fujikin Vietnam Co., Ltd. In 2002 and 2007, Fujikin Inc. built 2 factories in Vietnam. A trading company was also set up in 2011. In 2018, all three were merged to become Fujikin Vietnam Co. Ltd. Fujikin Vietnam provides cost down solutions in the form of competitively priced valves, fittings and other flow components, while maintaining the same quality control as our factories in Japan. Fujikin Vietnam also manufactures weldments and other custom solutions for our customers.